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FIFA World Cup Kits: A Look at the Different Club’s Jerseys

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A few days before the start of the 2022 World Cup, all of the official World Cup uniforms were unveiled, and they include some interesting designs. Everything from Mexico’s stylish away jersey to Germany’s bold fresh style for their home uniform demands close examination.

In which of these jerseys will you take pride in representing your country when the World Cup begins?

Group A

Qatar – Nike

Qatar World Cup 2022 jersey

The home and away uniforms for the host country both include the Swoosh, proving once again that modern style can be combined with effective performance. The maroon home jersey and shorts contain a white emblem in the center and white cuffs in homage to the country’s flag.

While the away jersey appears to be simple white, the gold and beige swirl pattern depict pearl divers and sandstorms, and the Swoosh and country logo shift out of the center. Qatar facing Ecuador will finally don their home shirt. Check our World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time page for the complete schedule.

Ecuador – Marathon

Ecuador World Cup 2022 jersey

Even though Ecuador was the last South American team to qualify for Qatar 2022, they still have a chance to surprise everyone in their group. The deep yellow background and red and blue highlights are understated but striking, and the understated zigzag pattern is the kind of meticulous attention to detail that will be appreciated by anyone who dons this jersey.

The team has opted for a more daring appearance for its away jersey, with a graphic print that alludes to the country’s lively culture.

Senegal – Puma

Senegal World Cup 2022 jersey

Puma’s decision to use a retro-style emblem and typeface for Qatar 2022 is consistent with the rest of this Senegal shirt. The chevron pattern across the chest, combined with Puma’s retro logo, creates a retro look, and the colors of the national flag stand out brilliantly against the white background.

Their away jersey has been panned for having an awkward central seam. Others have pointed out that this strategy will not aid them in capturing victories in any matches.

Netherlands – Nike

Netherlands World Cup 2022 jersey

For the WorldCup22, the Dutch national team has come up with a vibrant and colorful uniform. The house set is a brilliant laser orange and is constructed out of a satin-like material. The lion’s image is a darker orange against a black background, while the jersey number and the Nike logo are also black.

The away jersey has a splash of orange, but it’s only utilized for the lion, jersey number, and Nike emblem. The outfit is a dark royal blue with Habanero red and orange details.

Group B

England – Nike

England World Cup 2022 jersey

Throughout the years, England’s World Cup jerseys have been some of the most spectacular, and this year was no exception. The white home uniform features a gradation of dark and light blue across the shoulders.

With a “Blue Void” scheme spanning its red-away uniform, the jersey evokes the outfit worn by the likes of Paul Scholes and David Beckham in 1998 and draws influence from the current first team’s vitality and sporting spirit. Blue detailing on the collars adds a touch of color blocking, while the abstract three-lion motif really stands out.

Iran – Majid

Iran World Cup 2022 jersey

Iran also has retro-style 90s gear. It might be a stretch to term this shirt a throwback, despite the fact that the image extending across the chest is evocative of the puffy design language that became the rage 30 years ago. Instead, it just sounds and looks old.

The away games versus England and Wales won’t improve Iran’s appearance. The red background adds to the decadency, as it calls to mind an era in which the more colors you could cram onto a T-shirt, the better.

USA – Nike

USA World Cup 2022 jersey

Since the jersey’s design was disclosed months ago, it’s been widely ridiculed. Fans who have often argued over whether the game is named “soccer” or “football” may feel insulted by the suggestion that it was influenced by American football uniforms.

Fans are split on the design choice for their away uniform, which is a tie-dye with a colorful motif in a monochromatic gradient of navy.

Wales – Adidas

Wales World Cup 2022 jersey

The shirt’s design is taken to the next level by the zigzag tonal stripes, which are innumerable tiny diagonal stripes and slashes. The shirt is set off by the slim band of green at the crew collar. The collar of their away jersey, which features a red and green wedge pattern, is a good nod to the design of their home jersey.

Group C

Argentina – Adidas

Argentina World Cup 2022 jersey

Messi and the rest of Argentina’s team will be wearing the traditional white and blue home gear at the World Cup, while the purple away kit is a new addition to the team’s uniforms. The home jersey is another Adidas classic, and it has the three white and baby blue stripes that have brought success to the country in the past.

In regards to the team’s away uniform, Adidas and Argentina have also released one of the most daring and stylish costumes of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It’s one of the most appealing kits you’ll witness at the World Cup 2022 livestream.

Saudi Arabia – Nike

Saudi Arabia World Cup 2022 jersey

The design is unique and a lot of fun to play with. With a combination of seemingly random brushstrokes, their home set actually works rather well.

The squad’s away uniform is a major improvement over their previous away shirts. In a nod to the team’s moniker, the shirt features a subtle graphic pattern of feathers that also recalls the style of wallpaper you might see on a home improvement show.

Mexico – Adidas

Mexico World Cup 2022 jersey

It appears that Mexico and Adidas are planning to provide some significant fashion moments at the World Cup, and the audience is ready for it. After wearing black and pink last season, the club has decided to go retro for World Cup 2022 by switching to a traditional green home kit.

The sleek red and white away uniform also features an Aztec-inspired design all throughout, with red highlights on the shoulders and the serpentine form of the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl on the collar.

Poland – Nike

Poland World Cup 2022 jersey

With respect to the Polish shield of arms, a design reminiscent of an eagle’s feathers fills out the silver shoulders. It’s subtle, perhaps too subtle, but it manages to strike a commendable balance between inventiveness and efficiency.

Their away jersey was designed to honor Poland’s rich history and culture without becoming too garish or distracting to the eye.

Group D

France – Nike

France World Cup 2022 jersey

France’s home uniform, designed by Nike, is just as modern, fashionable, athletic, and endearing as the team’s away kit. Additionally, they are both located very distantly on the color wheel. The home kit is a dark blue jersey with gold trim and the FIFA logo. Gold accents, including the Nike swoosh and the initials of the country’s national soccer team’s FFF.

The impressiveness continues with the away shirt. From afar, it looks white, but up close, you can make out patterns featuring scenes from the French Revolution.

Australia – Nike

Australia World Cup 2022 jersey

The Socceroos’ kits, which feature the traditional green and gold of Australian sports, are always eye-catching. Though, with such a vibrant color scheme, less is more. The sponge-paint effect on this image is excessive.

Neon seafoam green is a daring accent color that should have paid off, but instead, it draws attention to the uncomfortable neck panel that is part of Nike’s tournament style and makes this away jersey look like a workout top.

Denmark – Hummel

Denmark World Cup 2022 jersey

The logos, accents, and crest on this jersey are all the same shade of red as the rest of the shirt, making them nearly undetectable. The kit has become a visible form of protest against a competition that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people.

The team’s uniform manufacturer, Hummel, has stated that the away shirt’s all-black design is a tribute to the migrant workers who have lost their lives constructing stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Tunisia – Kappa

Tunisia World Cup 2022 jersey

Its front print was clearly influenced by ancient Carthaginian armor. It’s not only a pretty garment; it’s based on the designs of Tunisians’ ancestors who battled the Romans in 200 B.C.

The white and red away top is the polar opposite of the home kit, which has a neutral vibe due to its plain colors.

Group E

Spain – Adidas

Spain World Cup 2022 jersey

The reigning champions are ready to defend their title in Adidas’s sleek World Cup threads. The team insignia is woven into the red home shirt, and it features a sporty V-neck collar in the national flag’s yellow and blue colors.

The Spanish away jersey is all white with a wavy design, the team emblem in red and gold, and the manufacturer’s stripes in gold down the shoulders.

Costa Rica – New Balance

Costa Rica World Cup 2022 jersey

Costa Rica’s home and away jerseys reflect the country’s diverse culture and way of life. Created by New Balance. The red home outfit for Costa Rica extensively incorporates the colors of the national flag, down to the thick blue cuffs and white trim on the shirt.

Even the away shirt, which is otherwise white, has blue, large, thick cuffs. Each item is constructed with revolutionary NB DRY technology designed to rapidly evaporate perspiration and has the acronym FCRF across the back.

Germany – Adidas

Germany World Cup 2022 jersey

The design of this year’s World Cup home shirt was inspired by the country’s inaugural football outfit from 1908, and it contains a black center ship with four stars and the club crest, jersey number, and Adidas logo. An accent at the round neck in the colors of the national flag brings it closer to home.

Away uniforms are based on the colors of the national flag—cherry red and black—and have the same gold accents. To further emphasize Germany’s passion for soccer, a fuzzy design has also been superimposed over the country’s name.

Japan – Adidas

Japan World Cup 2022 jersey

Japan collaborated with Adidas to design a new set of jerseys that has the potential to become an instant classic. The principles of origami-inspired the blue home starter kit. The shirt’s design is a tribute to the 2002 World Cup, which was held in Japan, and a nod to the flock of cranes that appears on the crest of the federation.

The away jerseys are plain white and black, but the origami motifs liven things up. The red and blue sleeve and shoulder designs feature origami figures to further emphasize Asia’s dominance in qualifying for the World Cup.

Group F

Belgium – Adidas

Belgium World Cup 2022 jersey

Adding to the growing sports mania, Belgium, one of the top contenders in the 2022 World Cup, as evident by the World Cup betting odds 2022, has released brand-new uniforms. Even though the home jersey is red and black like any other, Adidas adds some flare by placing golden flame motifs all over the black sleeves.

Contrastingly, the away shirt is deceptively straightforward at first appearance, with only bright multicolored motifs on the chest and sleeves on a white background.

Canada – Nike

Canada World Cup 2022 jersey

However, Nike claims that Canada is on a different kit development cycle, thus the team will not receive new uniforms in time for the World Cup. It’s a tremendous letdown for the supporters who were hoping to buy a new shirt to mark the event.

Canada is also the only team not to receive a new away kit because of the significance of the event, which has been mentioned by several Canadian athletes.

Morocco – Puma

Morocco World Cup 2022 jersey

The current home outfit for Morocco is somewhat reminiscent of the 3rd jersey that the Atlas Lions donned in France. This top is the epitome of retro cool, from the vintage graphics that served as an inspiration to Puma’s vintage logo.

Though the elaborate details of the circle that will encircle the players’ numbers are a wonderful addition, the shaded thick stripe along the shirt is excessive for an already crowded design.

Croatia – Nike

Croatia World Cup 2022 jersey

To provide a more polished and streamlined appearance for the red and white home uniform, the size and placement of the red checkers on the front have been altered. The uniform is conventional in its color scheme and design, with blue accents that help it look sharp.

Some of the alterations to the away uniform are quite noticeable. A motion blur effect is added to the classic design over the left shoulder, and a dark navy blue ground serves as a backdrop for the lighter blue checkers.

Group G

Brazil – Nike

Brazil World Cup 2022 jersey

The new Brazil home and away kits, while somewhat unremarkable at first glance, have quickly become national symbols. The two World Cup uniforms are faithful to the original color schemes while including unique designs and motifs.

Wearing a green collared yellow home shirt with blue shorts and white socks. The five-time world champions wear a blue away shirt with yellow and green trim and a unique jaguar pattern on the sleeves. Both the home and away kits have already been heavily featured across sports betting sites as part of their World Cup bet offers.

Serbia – Puma

Serbia World Cup 2022 jersey

There is just the appropriate amount of gold detailing to set off that rich, deep red. Serbia’s coat of arms inspired these understated crosses to keep the jersey from seeming too plain.

The exquisite metallic gold highlights and modest Serbian crosses appear on both the home and away kits.

Switzerland – Puma

Switzerland World Cup 2022 jersey

Puma’s new identity is complemented by retro-inspired styles, which the company nailed for this tournament. The V-neck collar and thickening horizontal stripes across the chest are both retro touches that belong on a shirt from the 1970s.

The Swiss flag and the FA’s badge from the home jersey are repeated on the back of the away shirt, which has thicker horizontal stripes.

Cameroon – One All Sports

Cameroon World Cup 2022 jersey

There appears to have been a significant decrease in both the originality of the design and the quality of the jersey since Le Coq Sportif had been the supplier for the Indomitable Lions. Some have even speculated that the green shirt with red laces featured an “Autobot-like” logo.

Keeping the Autobot-like symbol on their away shirt is a good choice for continuity. This design isn’t all that impressive, and it seems overly simplistic when applied to a white background instead of the home’s original green.

Group H

Portugal – Nike

Portugal World Cup 2022 jersey

There’s a danger of being overpowered by the combination of the Portuguese flag’s dominant colors—green and red. Nike, however, claims that the idea behind the top was to have the athletes appear to be donning an actual flag.

It’s an interesting idea to have a horizontal bar across the breast of their away shirt that represents the country’s flag, but it’s not as striking as the national uniforms we’re used to seeing from that country.

Ghana – Puma

Ghana World Cup 2022 jersey

Seeing Ghana score some spectacular goals at the tournament would be exciting, but the country has already won praise for its fantastic World Cup 2022 uniforms. There’s a black star in the middle of the shirt, and the sleeves are trimmed with red, yellow, and green.

The away uniform ranks among Puma’s top offerings for the current campaign. The jersey’s bright red color and the box’s yellow and green accents are reminiscent of the national flag.

Uruguay – Puma

Uruguay World Cup 2022 jersey

Without any distracting design flourishes, this shirt features the traditional sky blue of Uruguay and is finished with a white collar that nearly resembles a shawl, white cuffs, and a single white button.

The vertical Albiceleste stripes along the front of the garment, even ignoring the running bib inspiration, look suspiciously like they were lifted straight from an Argentina jersey. A lot of people in Montevideo probably won’t be too happy with that comparison.

South Korea – Nike

South Korea World Cup 2022 jersey

The South Korean home jersey is a bright coral red shirt with a black polo collar, making it one of the simplest of the current season’s home kits. In keeping with the Crimson Devil’s moniker, it has red and black trim and tiger stripes over the shoulders.

Abstract art is reminiscent of Korean pyrotechnics in its use of bright red, blue, and yellow strokes and stripes. The red and blue color scheme could be seen as a nod to the symbol in the center of the Korean flag, and the overall feel is very ’90s.

Final thoughts

With all the kits finally being out for the public to see, every team at the World Cup is all set. Whether you are catching the entire World Cup in person or not, one could dream of donning their favorite team’s kit.Don’t forget that you can elevate the whole World Cup experience by taking advantage of the free World Cup bets available online while wearing the team of your choice!