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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Volunteer Program Now Accepting Applications

Being a spectator at a World Cup event is already a fulfilling experience, however, for some individuals, helping to make the event successful and safe is a rather much more amazing experience.

Qatar World Cup Preparations on Full Throttle in the Shadow of Ukraine War

Amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War, Qatar is proceeding its preparations for this year’s World Cup that will be set in the winter months.

Football Fans Across the Globe Shows Support for Ukraine

While the world is condemning Russia for its unreasonable war, there is also a shower of support for Ukraine from across the globe.

Russian Appeal to Lift FIFA Ban Denied

The appeal of Russia to lift the FIFA ban against their national football teams prior to the World Cup qualifying playoffs due next week was denied by the world football authority on Friday. 

Learn Moneyline Betting Easy: A Simple Guide

Most people associate the moneyline wager with sports betting when they think of it.

What To Watch Out for in Qatar if You Are Planning To Attend World Cup 2022?

The upcoming World Cup is considered as the grandest sporting event so far, however this season is suffering with controversies and challenges since Qatar was announced as the host country.

Top 10 Favourite Teams for World Cup 2022

This 2022, the highly anticipated sporting event will happen in just a few months and its qualification round is almost over.

Qatar’s Extreme Lengths for Hosting World Cup 2022

Fatma Al-Nuaimi, the director of communications for the organizing committee in Qatar, is happy and sad at the same time about the approaching World Cup.

2022 World Cup: How Much Would It Cost?

The FIFA World Cup will finally be held in Qatar in very little more than a few months, and soccer enthusiasts from all across the globe will be there.

Most Popular Types of Sports Betting

The world's greatest sporting spectacle in the world is the FIFA World Cup. Considering that soccer is the world's most widely played sport, this isn't surprising.
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