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Post-Match Recap: Final Match Argentina vs France

Bet Recommendations: Final France vs Argentina

We don’t want you to miss the juicy news of the WorldCup22 final match so here are the highlights and the analysis of what is considered to be the most excellent football match in recent history!

The rundown: Argentina vs France

Lionel Messi’s last hurrah at the FIFA World Cup became the highlight of his footballing career as his team Argentina defeated France in the historic final match of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Messi became the star of the show as Argentina dedicated the match to the greatest footballer of all time.

Argentina took the lead 2-0 at halftime and in extra time produced 3-2. Messi scored two times along with his Argentina teammate Angel di Maria. Meanwhile, Messi’s squadmate at his club Paris Saint-Germain Kylian Mbappe broke the records to be hailed as the second athlete in the history of the footballing tournament to score a hat-trick during a final match. 

Mbappe scored again at the penalty shootout but Emiliano Martinez was awarded a save from Kinglsey Coman’s spot-kick. The triple force of Messi, Leandro Paredes, and Paulo Dybala tried to convert the penalty with Gonzalo Montiel scoring for Argentina.

France will not leave without putting up a good fight as they aim to keep Argentina at bay on their hard-won title. However, Argentina’s juggernaut attacks during the first half left France disoriented as you could see in our World Cup 2022 free livestream.

In the end, France became only the second best for most of the game as Argentina insisted on winning after so many years since their last win in 1986. 

Both Argentina and France were bound to break a record if anyone of them won with Argentina bound to send off the greatest player of all time. As for France, they were supposed to be the second team in history to retain their World Cup title. 

Indeed, the World Cup final is Messi’s swansong as he aims to win a World Cup title before he retires from football. Despite winning Copa America, the world is expecting him to win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. After the momentous win, fans from Buenos Aires and from other locations celebrated the victory of the South American country and their most prized football player.

Player of the game: Kylian Mbappe

Despite the 2022 World Cup finals being dedicated by the world to Lionel Messi, it was his PSG teammate Kylian Mbappe who is the true star of the show. Mbappe became the hero of France as he kept the balance of power between the two equally-matched squads.

Just like his achievement during the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup where he broke the record of being the second athlete to score a goal during a World Cup final, he became the first to produce a hat-trick in a final in 56 years. What is more amazing about all of those achievements is that he is just 23 years old!

He is expected to produce more for his country during the match if it wasn’t for Argentina’s formidable force but he is still the top contender for the World Cup’s Golden Boot Award. It is such a shame that France couldn’t retain their title this year but still a hat-trick achievement for Mbappe is not that bad! 

Argentina v France final score

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The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar closed with a historic bang with Argentina defeating equally-matched France in a do-or-die final match. While Argentina struggled during the group stage, France maintained their composure until the finals. 

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