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World Cup Betting Odds 2022

France successfully finished as the defending champion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup that was held in Russia. As a result, The Blues was the apple of the eye of most bookmakers and sports enthusiasts to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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The forthcoming WorldCup22 will be the historical one because it will be the final World Cup that has required 32-team involvement. Following that, the competition will bolster into 48-team involvement in the 2026 edition.

We took the liberty of tracking the odds for all of the participating nations in the 2022 World Cup. If you have noticed, we have included graphs below to provide you with a visual representation of the progression of the odds that we derived from our most reputable sportsbooks in the industry. 

world cup betting odds 2022


  • [6/15/22] - All of the slots for the 32 qualified teams for the World Cup are completed. The three leading nations that also hold the favored odds are France (5.00), England (6.50), and Brazil (5.00).
  • [4/1/22] - Following the drawing process for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Brazil marginally took ahead of France with favored odds of (4.50) with the latter finishing at (5.00).
  • [3/22/22] - Following a successful berth in the 2022 season, Canada finished well in the final playoffs to win the slot for the qualifying round for the CONCACAF. Their odds for the World Cup changed dramatically in January from 200 to 251. 
  • [1/24/22] - If you noticed from the chart, the odds for the Scotland team were updated from 1001 to 501.
  • [11/17/21] - During the summer spell, Canada which has been denied entry to the tournament proper of the World Cup since 1986, had propelled its odds to a staggering number of 2001. Following the final round of the CONCACAF qualifiers that were played with eight matches, they landed on the "Ocho" list, following their victory over Mexico, their current odds are now at 501.
  • [7/12/21] - After their subsequent win at the Euro 2020, Italy landed 12 odds to finish at the top of the World Cup, meanwhile, their runners-up England landed on 9.
  • [4/1/21] - Following the first three group stage matches for the UEFA qualifiers, the betting odds for France sit at 5.00.
  • [11/20/20] - Throughout the previous year, the standard odds for England changed from 7.50 to 6.50.
  • [12/4/19] - During this spell, the odds for Brazil made a slight movement from 6.50 to 5.00.
  • [5/23/19] - After they finished a leading score for the semis of the UEFA Nations League, the odds for Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and England rearranged to their benefit. 
  • [7/23/18] - After their winning stint at the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup, France immediately turned into a favorite to emulate their glory in the 2022 edition of the prestigious event in Qatar. 
  • [7/15/18] - Despite finishing successfully in the group stage of the 2018 World Cup, bookmakers have qualms over the possibility of Croatia repeating their wins at the 2022 World Cup with their 51 odds.
  • [7/15/18] - After they became MIA during the 2018 World Cup, the Netherlands and Italy found themselves back in the competition in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

Betting Odds for the World Cup 2022

The following table presents the current World Cup betting odds 2022 for the qualified teams in the Qatar sporting event. Feel free to analyze them to help you get the right decisions on selecting items that you will include in your bet. 

Country Odds
Brazil 5.00
France 5.00
England 6.50
Argentina 7.50
Germany 10
Spain 10
Netherlands 12
Belgium 15
Portugal 15
Denmark 31
Croatia 51
Uruguay 51
Senegal 81
Switzerland 81
Ecuador 151
Mexico 151
Poland 151
Serbia 151
USA 151
Wales 151
Korea Republic 215
Cameroon 215
Canada 251
Ghana 251
Japan 251
Morocco 251
Qatar 251
Australia 251
Tunisia 351
Iran 601
Saudi Arabia 601
Costa Rica 601

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* The odds we mentioned above are updated as of August 1.

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Currently, France and Brazil have been deemed the favorites to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, hence the odds for the two nations are high.

Teams with Multiple Appearances in the World Cup

Country Participations
Brazil 20
Germany 18
Italy 18
Argentina 16
Mexico 15
Country # of World Cups Years Won
Brazil 5 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002
Italy 4 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006
Germany 4 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014
Uruguay 2 1930, 1950
Argentina 2 1978, 1986
France 2 1998, 2018
England 1 1966
Spain 1 2010

* Take note of the following teams who are missing the action in the 2018 World Cup—the Netherlands (10 appearances), Italy (with two World Cup wins), and the USA (10 appearances).

Betting Trends for the 2022 World Cup

  • One of the European countries has won the World Cup four consecutive times. Among the five winners of the past six editions, Brazil is the only country outside of continental Europe to win the prestigious event.
  • France has claimed two wins out of seven tournaments, which also hailed them as the only national team that won the World Cup championship multiple times in that period. 
  • The recent World Cup host country that also landed the overall winner of the competition was France in the 1998 edition.  
  • All in all, six nations who are also the host countries have won the tournament during its 20 editions. 
  • Since its establishment in the 1930s, only European and South American nations have won the World Cup, a winner from outside of these continents is still on the cards.

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What is the Best World Cup Betting 2022 Odds?

It would seem that wherever you look on the web, Brazil is the clear favorite to win the 2022 World Cup with the World Cup betting 2022 odds of 9/2 or +450, followed by England and France with odds of 11/2 or +550 and 6/1 or +600, respectively.

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