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World Cup Tips: How To Bet Like a Professional Handicapper?

world cup 2022 fixtures singapore time

Just because the World Cup is only happening once every four years doesn’t mean that it is the only opportunity for you to become a professional bettor. The football calendar is offering hundreds of events all year round where you can place your wager to boost your winnings.

Prepare your pen and paper because we will provide you with golden nuggets of information that you will need to develop your capability to win more profits.

Expect that you will experience some volatility in the market

In comparison to other international sporting events like the Olympics or Formula One, the prestige of the World Cup is immeasurable. Sports enthusiasts are not the only ones who rejoice when the World Cup is on, gamblers are satisfied as well. The reason is that the huge event is also offering money-making opportunities. 

bettor looking at betting lines

The World Cup market in sportsbooks is highly competitive as a lot of punters are trying to get on top. Also, intense volatility could happen during the event itself as a result of this surge. The key is to not jump on the bandwagon and follow your heart.

A small bankroll means small profits

How often is it said that you can’t grow in a small pot or small fish bowl (or whichever version you are most acquainted with)? Indeed, you can’t expect to win big winnings with a small bankroll. In order to have a win percentage of 50%, you need to stop betting with just SGD 13.73. 

Although, taking huge risks doesn’t guarantee a huge win either. You have to be realistic when it comes to the wagers that you are placing in the sportsbook. 

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Hone your skills as a sport bettor

Unlike the passive nature of casino games, sports betting requires an active effort to boost your odds of winning. You have to actively utilize some techniques to improve your opportunity to win huge profits. 

In order to do that, you need to study hard about the sports you are betting on. Fill your mind with essential information about the tournaments and the betting market. Also, you need to develop your handicapping skills.

Slowly increase the amount of your bet over the time

Most betting experts state that you need to start with minimum bets. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with betting low amounts forever!

bettor placing a bet

Betting on low units at first is only designed to provide you with leverage against the bookmaker’s house edge. After you get back on your feet, you can start increasing the number of your wagers over time. The key is to slowly develop the quality of the contents of your bankroll. 

Keep track of your bets

Finally, the common habit of professional bettors is that they are consistent in keeping track of their wagers. While this doesn’t directly affect your capability to win huge rewards, it will provide you with a bigger picture of your spending habits which in turn could prolong your betting sessions. More betting sessions mean more winning chances.

While it is difficult for some bettors to check on the bets all of the time, you can customize this by changing from a daily basis to a weekly or monthly basis. Also, it will help you to easily navigate through the win-loss continuum.

You can also watch the World Cup 2022 free livestream and join the Highlight of the Day Boost promotion. You can follow the team you are betting on as they progress through the tournament and try to win rewards. 



Sports betting indeed requires hard work, and also, the work doesn’t stop after winning once. While most people see betting as another entry in the growing list of get-rich-quick schemes, it is mostly a pleasure mixed with opportunities to earn money. 

The World Cup is a huge betting market because of the wide scope of sporting events. Make the most of the best World Cup bet offers on the site to grab juicy wins!