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Amid Hosting Controversies, Qatar Has a Lot to Prove

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The scrutiny that Qatar is under as host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is unprecedented. Constant vetting has developed into criticism, which has almost progressed into vilification. Some people have even advocated for a boycott of the competition.

Scrutiny right from the beginning

Despite the World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time having all set to kick off in just a few days, former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who presided over the organization when it handed the right to host to Qatar 12 years ago, has finally come forward to say that the decision was incorrect.

former FIFA President Sepp Blatter

Issues over the workplace conditions on building sites associated with the event in Qatar led to FIFA changing the parameters it uses to choose host countries in 2012, he said, suggesting that Qatar may have gained the nod under the new laws.

However, in just 6 days, the biggest competition in the sport will be hosted in the Arab country. However, not everyone who supported Qatar’s participation in the World Cup should be held accountable for the criticism that has been leveled at the country because of the off-field controversy.

Qatari’s point of view

People in the host country are likely to be overjoyed by the prospect of hosting the World Cup even if the World Cup betting odds 2022 clearly show that Qatar is nowhere near the clear favorites.

It’s possible that tens of thousands of people from neighboring nations will be able to attend the event for the first time if it’s held in a convenient location, while the cost of attending the tournament itself may discourage some fans from making the trip.

World Cup Qatari fans

It has been 20 years since South Korea and Japan hosted the World Cup, and this is just the second instance the tournament has been to Asia, despite the continent’s size and population.

And the 26 players and numerous others in the backroom and on the technical staff may take pride in being part of the first Qatari side to compete on football’s biggest stage.

The 20th of November can’t come soon enough for Qatar when they’ll be able to finally show what they’re made of on the field. Until then, there have already been countless betting sites offering a handful of free World Cup bets for all the qualifying teams.

How Qatar stands at the World Cup 2022

The Maroons would have qualified for the tournament regardless of where it was being held, therefore that isn’t an excuse.

Qatar World Cup 2022 team

In spite of the fact that, at number 50, they are the second-worst-ranked hosts in FIFA history, behind only South Africa in 2010. As a bonus, they are the 2019 AFC Asian Cup winners, making them the undisputed champions of that continent.

They might have easily qualified as one of Asia’s four automatic qualifiers, or as Asia’s fifth through the playoffs in the case of Australia. The burden of competing at a high level among the best will shift if they reach the WorldCup22.

Go swept by three losses and get eliminated in the group stage, which is a scenario that is plausible for everyone. And the legitimacy of Qatar’s participation in the competition will be questioned even further. While they may be comprised solely of players from within Qatar, this team is no pushover.

Qatar has no other choice but to perform on the pitch

The Qatar Football Association, unlike many in the region, has understood the importance of stability and patience, as evidenced by the fact that they have stuck with coach Felix Sanchez Bas (who began his coaching career with the national team’s youth squad in 2013) since 2017 and have been rewarded with three consecutive Asian Cup titles.

football coach Felix Sanchez Bas

Many people outside of Asia may not recognize the names Hassan Al-Haydos, Akram Afif, Abdelkarim Hassan, or Almoez Ali, but these four men have been two of the most recent recipients of the Asian Footballer of the Year award.

The group’s talent level is high enough to shock a few doubters. Not quite enough to topple the Netherlands and Senegal, but more than enough to challenge Ecuador. That said, you should brace yourself for the best World Cup bet offers you can find online while you are at it.

Closing thoughts

However, much like the uproar surrounding their hosting of the World Cup, maybe it isn’t necessary to go into excessive detail about the benefits the Maroons can offer to the competition. The pitch meeting can be completed in under a week.Qatar has the opportunity to prove that they are worthy of becoming a World Cup participant. Let’s witness Qatar prove its might at the World Cup 2022 free livestream together here at WorldCup22!