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Qatar World Cup 2022: Some Hotels Refuse to Accept Same-Sex Couples, According to Some Reports

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According to an inquiry, several hotels for the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar have declined to let same-sex couples stay while others have encouraged customers to not show public displays of affection.

However, despite the fact that homosexuality is prohibited in the country, FIFA and Qatari officials claim that everybody is invited to this year’s event.

Reports Suggest that Some Hotels do not Accept Gay Couples

There were three hotels on the World Cup’s official list of approved accommodations that refused to take reservations for married lesbian couples, according to reports. As long as these individuals didn’t publicly display their homosexuality, twenty others agreed to accommodate them.

In Qatar, homosexuality is a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison, as per Amnesty International, and same-sex partnerships are also banned.

Gianni Infantino, the current FIFA President, reiterated that everyone is welcome in the host country despite the controversy that has dogged the build-up to the Qatar World Cup.

On an occasion in November last year, Infantino encouraged LGBTQ fans and everyone else to attend the football event in order to affect the Gulf Arab state’s policy, as he turned on a World Cup timer in Doha. According to the reports, 33 hotels had no problem booking rooms for same-sex couples.

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Qatar Reassures a Welcoming Environment

FAI has contacted the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) since becoming aware of the report to ensure that the hotels named are made aware of severe regulations related to welcoming visitors without prejudice.

Hotels and other service providers affiliated with the FIFA World Cup will have their contracts canceled if they fail to meet the somewhat high benchmarks set by the organizers.

In addition, these rules will be reinforced through education and then measured and assessed over numerous inspections and audits of FIFA World Cup-associated hotels. Additionally, FIFA’s Supreme Committee stated that Qatar is completely conscious of its obligations with respect to human rights, equality, and non-discrimination.

All the participants of the World Cup Qualifiers, attendees, as well as the locals, including those from the LGBTQI+ community, will be able to relax and enjoy the whole tournament in a welcoming environment that is safe and welcoming, and Qatar is focused on building bridges of cultural awareness, understanding, and promoting an inclusive experience for everybody.

The Sustainable Sourcing Code

Because of this, the SC has made it plain and simple that everybody is safe in Qatar, regardless of skin color or ethnicity. Fans should be able to book accommodations with confidence, knowing that the privacy of those in Qatar and those visiting the country would be upheld.

According to the Sustainable Sourcing Code, over 100 hotels in Qatar that will host football players, its fans, and other key stakeholders will be expected to adhere to the code.

Hotels that adhere to the Sustainable Sourcing Policy are constantly assessed and reviewed, claiming that any infringement of this code or incident of prejudice is taken very seriously by them.

They also stated that they are willing to share additional information on these charges to guarantee that any FIFA World Cup partner somehow doesn’t come short of the expectations needed.

Closing Thoughts

Some England fans may not be able to travel to the tournament because of human rights concerns in the country, according to manager Gareth Southgate, who has expressed concerns.

FIFA head Gianni Infantino assured the news agency of the Associated Press that everyone should expect everyone’s safety and that everyone is welcome in the country, even if the topic is about LGBTQ+. For the duration of November 21 to December 18, Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022.