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Qatar Unveils Desert Accommodation as Fans Struggle to find Lodging

world cup 2022

Low-rise apartment towers are being built in the suburbs of Doha that will accommodate several of the football fans who will be in Qatar for the worldcup22 including the ones in Singapore. The tournament is expected to draw 1.2 million spectators or approximately a third of Qatar’s population. Qatar has recently been under fire for its handling of migrant workers on building sites.

More than 130,000 rooms are expected, but that might leave thousands of spectators scrambling for a place to stay when the tournament kicks off in November.

Also, if you’re expecting city vistas, you’ll be let down. The Madinatna complex is 25 kilometers (15 miles) outside Doha’s downtown and can house up to 27,000 spectators in shared apartments. It is encircled by an 18-lane motorway.

Lodging conundrums

It is estimated by Qatar Tourism, the government agency in charge of tourism development and regulation, that the country would have no more than 50,000 guest rooms ready by the end of next year, in November. Hotel sources say that many rooms have been allocated for FIFA officials and the players, therefore not all guest rooms will be open to Singaporean fans.

ACCP.PA, Europe’s leading hotel operator, will handle the majority of the additional 64,000 rooms on two cruise ships, one of which is now under construction in France. Accor will also manage shared apartments and villas, such as those at Madinatna.

At the site of Madinatna, which is scheduled to be completed in the spring, and at more than two dozen hotel plots, the building is in full swing. Unless you stay in a two- or three-star hotel during the FIFA World Cup 2022, you may expect rates to rise over the most recent average nightly accommodation fee of SGD 168 (QAR 438).

Qatar’s solutions

Migrant workers and other foreigners, who make up the majority of Qatar’s population, are already under investigation by the media because of the country’s first Middle Eastern host nation.

In the past year, it has implemented a number of labor changes, including a minimum wage increase and new restrictions aimed at protecting workers from heat exhaustion.

A spokeswoman for the Supreme Committee announced that they will make use of all of the accommodations that the country has to offer.

Residents of Doha can now apply for licenses to lease out their properties on sites like Airbnb and VRBO under a new “holiday home” program introduced by Qatar Tourism. Before the FIFA Arab Cup in Doha in December, organizers promoted a “Host a Fan” campaign as a measure of Qatar’s readiness for next year.

As a third option, desert “fan towns” have been proposed that would let Singaporean guests stay in tents during fall temperatures.


Desert Camps

Prefabricated cabins in unique “fan towns” are currently available for booking in three locations, according to a live online announcement.

A two-person cabin with either one double or two single beds may be had for as little as SGD 290 per night. They have a kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and a housekeeper, and the community offers a variety of dining options as well as takeaways. Outside of the city are the refugee camps of Rawdat Al Jahhaniya, Ras Bu Fontas, and Zafaran.

Despite being outside of Doha itself, Qatar’s Accommodation Agency notes that “Fan villages are easily accessible by public transportation or rideshares, keeping you close to all of Doha’s major cultural attractions and also the FIFA World Cup stadiums and activations.

Details and costs

More and more sponsors, broadcasters, and numerous foreign officials are taking advantage of the camps’ minimal option of hotels and Airbnb lodging. The portal estimates that a two-night stay at the tournament might cost SGD 7,853, but few visitors plan to remain for longer than a few days.

To the north of Lusail City, outside Doha International Airport, the Qatari government developed a World Cup complex from scratch. Near the Gulf coast and behind the airport, Ras Bu Fontas is located to the south of Cairo. Doha’s primary rail line has a stop here.

Doha’s western suburb of Rawdat Al Jahhaniya faces the desert. Driving from the Corniche takes 20 minutes, but taking the public bus takes nearly an hour.