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Nearly 2.9 million World Cup Tickets Were Sold


As per FIFA and the tournament organizers, about 2.9 million tickets for the Qatar 2022 World Cup have been purchased thus leaving roughly 7% available. As the tournament approaches, one could imagine how the remaining tickets will become completely sold out before then.

World Cup Ticket sales to date

The US, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom were the top 3 countries from which foreign ticket purchases were made, while Mexico was the top country outside of Qatar for commercial hospitality revenues.

At a press briefing in Doha with Qatari organizers, FIFA tournament director Colin Smith promised more tickets would be ready before the event began on November 20. Sponsors and FIFA member federations often return their allocated ticket allotments, allowing tickets to become available late in the game.

Colin Smith FIFA director

Qatar is expecting almost 1.2 million international tourists over the 29-day tournament, so the country is scrambling to create more hotels in anticipation of the influx.

Hotels booked for the World Cup

Officials in Qatar reported that 2 million fans in hotels, condominiums, cruise ships, and certain camping sites had already been booked, with another 30,000 rooms added to the available inventory.

According to Yasir Al Jamal, director general of the Qatari planning committee, the addition of those rooms increased capacity by nearly 1 million room nights. Last week, a third cruise ship with 1,075 guest rooms was contracted to serve as a floating hotel at Doha Port.

Yasir Al Jamal FIFA

There was an initial two-week period where all 32 teams were still in the tournament and prices remained at $470 per night. Organizers said that of 420,000 persons who applied to volunteer at the tournament in Qatar, only 20,000 were selected.

Approximately 2,200 people, or 11%, will be foreigners, while the remaining 89% will be natives of Qatar. The World Cup’s organizers have announced that an exhibition hall in the West Bay district will serve as a hub for consular services, staffed by representatives from 45 different countries.

State of accommodations

With less than a month to go, the complete World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time will soon come to fruition. As many as 1.3 million spectators are expected in Qatar for the length of the event, albeit not everyone will be allowed to remain there permanently.

There is a severe lack of sleeping quarters. 80% of Doha’s hotel rooms have been booked by FIFA, but another 20,000 are likely to become available in the following weeks.

World Cup hotels in Qatar

Visitors to Qatar also have the option of staying in sleeping pods for the equivalent of about SGD 113 per night. Tourists interested in experiencing anything like Glastonbury or Electric Picnic can do so at tented campgrounds, with a premium tent costing SGD 539 per night in the city of Al Kohr.

The Al Wakrah Camp is a step-down, consisting essentially of a row of portacabins, and it costs SGD 270 more per night. Just off the coast of Doha, on Banana Island, beach villas overlooking the ocean can be had for a nightly rate of SGD 4,052; this has proven to be a tempting alternative for the families of French and English players.

The host country might not be the best fit for someone. With over 160 daily shuttle flights, fans from Dubai and Abu Dhabi may easily reach the short trip to Doha. The convenience that World Cup 2022 free livestream services outweigh the cost-efficiency of the whole experience.

Security in place

A source familiar with the preparations claimed that each qualifying nation has been invited to dispatch a minimum of 4 policemen to be present in Qatar throughout the WorldCup22. They will be stationed in Doha and the surrounding area in a Ministry of Interior command post to provide assistance to and consult with their Qatari counterparts.

Qatar policemen for World Cup

Authorities are working on a scheme to protect fans from prosecution if they are caught committing minor offenses like public intoxication. The organizers have informed the ambassadors and police of qualified nations that they want to be lenient in the case of minor infractions.

Final remarks

To say that everyone is extremely excited about the Qatar World Cup is an understatement. The ticket and accommodation sales are proof of how fans are clamoring for yet another football spectacle after the 2-year break we took from the pandemic.

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