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A Comprehensive Guide to World Cup Bet Types and Markets


November 20th will mark the opening of the most prestigious sporting event in the world. The highly anticipated event will be the battle for supremacy of the world’s elite football teams.

The event is also an important event in the world of sports betting and casino gambling. If you are still a newbie in betting, this guide will help you by explaining the differences between various types of sports bet.

Bet Types and Markets

There are different types of bet that can be used in the World Cup, and it is essential that you know these types so that you will know which one suits you best. 

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1X2 Bets

The 1X2 bet is probably the most recognizable type of free World Cup bets types. In this type of bet, all you have to do is to bet on the three chances (home team, away team, and the draw). You will be given a payout if one of your selections have won the tournament. 

Total Goals

The Total Goals is a popular bet type that is ideal for individual matches in the World Cup fixtures. Predicting the winner in a World Cup match is not really difficult as long as you understand the scoring system and know your football team. Bet on the Total Goals market and try to win the profitable odds. 

Mixed Parlay

Mixed Parlay is the type of bet that allows you to place a bet on three chances or conclusions. If one of the three bets lose, all of your bets will be deemed as a fail too.

In-Play Bets

In-play or live betting has increased in popularity these past few years due to the emergence of World Cup 2022 livestream in the mainstream sports industry. One of the advantages of live betting is that certain information about the match will be available to you unlike in traditional betting such as the situation of the match in real-time. 

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Combination Bets

Single bets are very popular because they are easy to place. However, combination bets are complex forms of bets that will provide you with more odds of winning. 

Accumulator bets are the type of bets that are combinations of different selections bundled as a single bet. Once all of the selections have won, you will be provided with huge payouts that you will not receive in single bets.

World Cup Betting Tips

Betting on the World Cup is no different than placing your wager on other major tournaments. However, the stakes are much higher in World Cup betting because the quality of the event is greater than other football leagues and cup tournaments. 

In order to win in World Cup betting, you need to follow certain steps and take advantage of bonuses. One of the best bonuses in Asia is Solarbet’s Who Will Advance promo where you can win SGD88.


Always study the team that you are betting on in the World Cup. By doing so, you will gain an edge over the sportsbook and other bettors. 

The next tip is to avoid assuming that backing up a favorite will provide you with direct wins. Just because a favorite has a strong form doesn’t mean that the odds of winning the match are in their favor. The key is to vary your bets by backing up an underdog that has a greater potential to win.

Lastly, wait until November before you create an account in a sportsbook. The thing is that a lot of bookmakers will offer lucrative bonuses once the tournament begins, so hold your horses until then. 

Key Takeaway

The World Cup betting markets are now heavily saturated with amateur bettors. This is why betting guides like this are a great way to help new punters stand on their feet when it comes to sports betting.

Make sure that you place your bets on world cup betting odds 2022 and keep track of them once the tournament begins.