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Most Popular Types of Sports Betting

Most popular types of Sports Betting

The world’s greatest sporting spectacle in the world is the FIFA World Cup. Considering that soccer is the world’s most widely played sport not just in Singapore but also on a global scale, this isn’t surprising. To see the world’s best players compete for supremacy, the globe gathers every four years.

With so many people tuning in, it only seems natural that the World cup is a major betting event. As far as popularity goes, no other sport comes close. Betting on sporting events has skyrocketed in the years following the 1998 World Cup in France, with huge sums of money being exchanged every four years.

In addition to football, we’ll also cover a variety of sports betting forms that are prevalent in a wide range of sports.

Betting on the World Cup

Just like UEFA Champions League, the 32 clubs in this competition are split into eight groups of four teams each. Unlike the Champions League, though, each side in the group will play the other three once. Each team in the World Cup faces the other three teams twice.

However, the point system remains the same. Three points are awarded to the winning team. If it fails, it receives 0 points, while a tie awards 1 point to each team. The two sides with the most points at the end of the group stage will go to the knockout rounds.

It is determined that no more than two European teams may be placed in the very same division and no over than one team from each of the remaining confederations can be placed in the same group.


Betting on sports has never been easier than with this basic proposition bet. Almost wherever you go, you’ll see bets on the winner, but in Singapore, you’ll see a lot more money line bets. If you correctly predict which team will win the game, you win the house odds stake and cash in your winnings.

For instance, in football, you can bet on the draw, whereas in other sports such as tennis or basketball matches, you can only bet on the winner.


While it isn’t the most popular kind of bet in Singapore, outright bets are the greatest choice if you want to wager on the outcome of a certain tournament or competition based on a favorite team or player. Betting on the possible winner weeks or months in advance is a form of pre-competition wagering.

In other words, you’re placing a wager before the outcome of the game has been determined. All that matters in an outright or ante-post bet is that the club you’ve backed at the start of the season wins and you get your money back at the conclusion.


In an accumulator bet, you make a single wager on numerous options. All teams of Brazil, France, Belgium, and England can be included in an accumulator wager if you so choose to back them all to win their upcoming games.

However, accumulator bets are difficult to win because you must correctly predict all of your sports betting selections to be able to pass your ticket.


Prop bets, usually referred to as specials, are exciting bets that are mostly dependent on chance. Serious professional bettors steer clear of these wagers, but if you’re well-informed, you might be able to make some extra money with them.

Prop bets are wagers that don’t directly affect the result of the game they are placed on.


When it comes to advanced gamblers, handicap betting is a common option, especially in Asian countries like Singapore. Just like they sound, handicap bets are precisely what they appear to be. The game favorite is in a disadvantageous position, whereas the underdog gets off to a good start in the match.

As with the first sort of bet, you have a variety of alternatives for placing bets on the sides you want to support.

The wisest choice you can do now that you understand the various bet kinds as well as how they relate to each sport is to figure out which one is best suited for you. Make sure you know which sports have the best betting odds for player props so that you may wager on them.

If you’re a Singaporean sports bettor who cares about team results, you should research whether placing moneyline or outright bets is the ideal approach for your chosen sport before you place your wagers.