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2022 World Cup: How Much Would It Cost?

2022 World Cup: How Much Would It Cost?

The FIFA World Cup will finally be held in Qatar in very little more than a few months, and soccer enthusiasts from all across the globe, not just from Singapore will be there.

It is hoped that the minuscule but fuel-rich nation will draw at least a million tourists over the duration of the month-long competition, including a significant contingent from the United States, which aspires to qualify its squad after skipping the recent World Cup.

You’d like to attend the FIFA World Cup, but you’re clueless when it comes to costs and logistics? This article might just be a beneficial insight to you.

Is it going to be cheap?

Those supporters, however, will not be able to afford the trip; Qatar’s World Cup 2022 is expected to become the costliest of all time. The construction of stadiums, hotels, and training facilities has cost Qatar an estimated 300 billion Singaporean dollars. A new city called Lusail was built for roughly 63 billion Singaporean dollars.

Although FIFA’s official ticket prices for Group Stage matches range from a mere SGD 146 up to SGD 300 while the Final tickets go from SGD 636 to SGD 1,540, individuals who wish to witness the first World Cup staged in the Middle East are likely to spend a large amount of money on flights, lodgings, and meals.

Rough estimations

For a single person, 4 to 5 thousand Singapore dollars is more than enough to make it to Qatar and attend for two weeks. Of course, this is contingent upon your ability to take advantage of frequent flier programs, secure a complimentary stay from a friend or host, and your own personal preferences.

For SGD 13 a night in Qatar, most realistic attendees could have remained in a cheap hotel. However, some chose to stay in luxury. You can save a lot of money if you can stay at a mate’s place for several nights during your trip.

Transportation costs should also be factored into your budget. Traveling domestically, Qatar doesn’t have a lot of possibilities that will work within your budget. The kinds that will keep you secure and comfortable aren’t all that available for an option unlike the ones in Singapore.

Then there are the costs associated with eating. For those who aren’t familiar with how much money one day may cost, this is a good time to mention it. Not to mention the overwhelming want to buy souvenirs that will engulf the stadiums’ sales stands.

Convenient for the athletes but not for the attendees

For the first time, all eight sites will be located within 35 miles of Doha, Qatar’s capital, making it the world’s smallest host. Because of the high volume of events, fans will be able to visit multiple stadiums in a single day and see up to four games.

Organizers are touting it as the “most convenient” World Cup, even though it will be the most expensive for spectators to attend.

Pricing complaints and other controversies

The cost of attending the World Cup stands in stark contrast to the other critiques that have been leveled at this tournament. Since Qatar was announced as the host country by FIFA’s previous president Sepp Blatter in 2010, the event has been dogged by climate and geographic issues.

Migrant laborers’ deaths are on the rise, as are human rights violations during stadium construction. Qatar vowed to be more open and accepting in order to provide a memorable experience for those who attend.

People acquainted with the situation say that despite protests from fan groups about the high pricing, ticket sales, particularly those for premium hosting packages, are exceeding expectations. For a lot of Singapore locals, it’s hard to imagine what would be the case if the country would get to host the World Cup.

Final thoughts

For many, the ability to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation is a necessity. Take a look back at your travels from the past few years. So, Qatar isn’t the only one that caters to the wealthy. Even countries like Singapore, who have been known to be economically rich, would not deny the fact that the World Cup has long been reserved for the global elite.

You should keep in mind that, regardless of your budget, your satisfaction is all that matters at the end of the day, even if some travel agencies offer ticket-inclusive deals which hold care of every aspect of your travel experience from arrival to departure, involving exclusive packages like showboat dinners or desert glamping.