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Harry Maguire Confident He’ll Be Fit Until the World Cup

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Reports indicate that Harry Maguire is convinced that he is capable of showing his fitness prior to England’s World Cup roster announcement. After injuring his thigh while competing for England against Germany throughout the international break, Maguire has been sidelined for Manchester United.

Maguire proving his fitness

Maguire will not be able to play for Manchester United again after getting hurt during the team’s Nations League encounter against Germany. However, he is still positive that he will be ready for the World Cup. In case you missed it, we have a dedicated World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time page.

He happened to miss the team’s last 3 matches, including Sunday’s 2-1 victory over Everton, which he watched from the stands. Maguire has received more criticism than most players in the last year. After apparently clashing with Cristiano Ronaldo, the center-back had a rough season.

Harry Maguire and Cristiano

Maguire’s play for United dipped during the 2021/22 season as a result of on- and off-field distractions. Before Gareth Southgate chooses his WorldCup22 selection on October 20th, he hopes to be eligible for Erik ten Hag’s team.

Maguire taking some time off sparks fury among Man Utd

Maguire was granted approval by Man United manager Erik ten Hag to travel to Portugal a week ago in order to clear his “thoughts.” The recent injury to the Red Devils captain may very well have come at a good moment, as it removes Maguire from the line of fire after a rough start to the season.

United’s upper management agreed to let the England international take a break in the middle of the season, reasoning that he needs a breather before coming back into the midst of things for the team and nation.

Harry Maguire and Erik ten Hag

This decision to grant Maguire approval for a holiday even during league season has not been well received by the rest of the United players. Ten Hag’s history of insisting that wounded United Squad members recover at the club’s Carrington training camp has likely stoked the fires of resentment among their teammates.

Making an exception for Maguire may cause the kind of discord that plagued United’s locker room throughout Solskjaer’s and Rangnick’s tenures.

Harry Maguire’s real name stunned fans

Similarly, Manchester United supporters were taken aback by the revelation that Harry Maguire’s given name is not even Harry. As a result of his performances for both club and country, he has become one of the most frequently mentioned figures in the media.

Harry Maguire

Although Maguire went by the name Harry beginning at an early age, it is his middle name. The Manchester United defender’s real name is Jacob, which may take some time to get acquainted with.

Maguire used to be a regular starter for United, but now he’s sitting on the bench. Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez have now surpassed him. Some fans, however, have been taken aback by the unusualness of the moniker.

United’s starting center-back will be observing instead of participating in Sunday’s match at Everton instead of preparing for it. Due to an injury, Maguire did not play in Thursday’s Europa League victory and has not begun a league game since a 4-0 thrashing at Brentford on October 18.

Getting more minutes is becoming unlikely

Harry Maguire

Before Southgate announces his World Cup roster in a few days, the defender anticipates making himself ready to play for Erik ten Hag’s team. United will play Tottenham, Omonia, and Newcastle before announcing their final roster.

Many speculate that Maguire will be available to play against Newcastle or Tottenham if he is not ready to play on Thursday night. Ten Hag will not switch up his favorite defensive tandem of Martinez and Varane for those 2 league games despite the team’s desperate need for three points in each of these games.

We can only pray that no new injuries arise before then. Many people believe that Maguire has already qualified for the World Cup, even without playing time. He couldn’t have left Southgate without them.

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