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What Is the FIFA Foundation?

Fifa world cup 2022

The FIFA Foundation is an independent organization that was introduced in 2018 that has a mission of utilizing the sport of football to gain support of certain causes that could improve the community.

The activities and events that are conducted by the foundation such as the World Cup aims to find solutions to social problems that are affecting young individuals, repairing damaged sports facilities, empowering women, supporting free sports education and providing a positive message of peace and sportsmanship to the world. 

Here are the main programs that are being supported by the FIFA Foundation.

Foundation Community Program

The Foundation Community Program aims to partner with other non-profit organizations to use football to promote social transformation and to develop the lives of marginalized individuals around the world.

Under this program, the FIFA Foundation seeks financial support to fund programs that could help address problems that are affecting the youth such as health, education, abuse and gender inequality.

world cup

Recovery Program

The Recovery Program helps certain communities around the world that were heavily affected by natural disasters and inevitable events such as wars and displacement. The organization seeks to rally for support and solidarity and provide emergency funding to help these victims to get back on their feets.

Under the Recovery Program, the organization also funds reparations of damaged schools and sports facilities.

FIFA Legends Program

The FIFA Legends Program unites former FIFA World Cup players and from men’s and women’s soccer to support causes that support several charity missions around the world. The ambassadors of FIFA Foundation will support the charity programs of the foundation.

Football for Schools Program

The Football for Schools Program was established to utilize the football game in schools as a way to provide fun and education about essential skills to young people from childhood to early adolescence. 

The program also aims to raise awareness about some of the social issues that the youths are facing right now such as bullying, abuse and poverty. The program also promotes a good, healthy and active lifestyle to help young people become more fit and healthy.

Recently, the FIFA Foundation donated 11 million footballs to schools in the nations that are part of the 211 FIFA member associations. It was expected that at least 700 million children will benefit from the program. There are also other projects that are in development but as soon as the global pandemic recedes, they will be implemented in full scale.

Campus Program

The Campus Program is a relatively new project of FIFA Foundation that was launched in May 2021. The program aims to provide young boys and girls from impoverished communities an opportunity to participate in football games like World Cup 2022 and help them develop their personality and skills in a safe environment.

It was originally conceptualized in 2020 and was officially established in 2021 at Yerevan, Armenia. 

Refugee Program

The Refugee Program is currently being conceived and will be launched soon. The program is dedicated to provide relief and support to refugees and displaced individuals by encouraging them to participate in football activities and build sport infrastructures for them.

It was also designed to promote social integration with the utilization of football and aid the refugees to prepare them to re-enter the society and to help them get back on their feets.

Employee Volunteer Program

The Employee Volunteer Program provides FIFA employees the opportunity to utilize a portion of their annual leave to volunteer to participate in charitable institutions that support the programs of the FIFA Foundation. 


The FIFA Foundation is a non-profit organization that utilizes the game of football to support good causes. This will help the individuals especially the youths to develop their self confidence and skills with the use of the football game such as the FIFA World Cup 2022.