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Ukraine Wants Iran Out of World Cup


In light of Russia’s reported use of Iranian drones in its conflict with Kyiv, a prominent official from a Ukrainian club has called for Iran to be disqualified from this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

Shakhtar urges FIFA to remove Iran from the World Cup

Shakhtar Donetsk, the most successful football team in Ukraine, has demanded that Iran be banned from the World Cup due to the country’s suspected military assistance in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Shakhtar CEO Sergei Palkin claimed that Iran was complicit in recent terrorist acts against Ukrainians, and he suggested that his country’s squad relocate to Qatar.

Sergei Palkin

According to Palkin, this will be a just decision that will bring international scrutiny to a state that murders its brightest and aids in the deaths of Ukrainians. Iran is set to kick off the World Cup on November 21 against England. We have a dedicated World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time page for the complete World Cup schedule.

The White House announced on Thursday that the United States has information that Iranian troops are actively involved in Crimea and assisting Russian drone assaults on Ukrainian infrastructure and civilians.

In addition, Ukraine’s intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov claimed in an interview released on Monday that the Russian military has deployed and operated 330 drones of the Iranian-made “Shahed” variety. Both Russia and Iran have said the drones used were not Iranian.

Kyrylo Budanov

Will FIFA be in favor of Ukraine?

Iran’s World Cup campaign gets underway on November 21 against England albeit their World Cup betting odds 2022 are not directly on par with England at 7.50. They’ll also face off against Wales and the USA in Group B. Wales advanced to the finals after defeating Ukraine in a match originally scheduled for March but postponed until June due to the conflict.

The International Federation of Association Football did not immediately provide a response. Although there is no precedent for FIFA to replace an Asian team with a European club at the World Cup, this may happen if an Asian team were to be suspended.

FIFA committee

Although the FIFA executive committee does not normally ban national football associations due to military choices made by national governments, Yugoslavia was prevented from attempting to compete for the 1994 World Cup due to UN sanctions imposed during the Balkans war.

It would be difficult to imagine the tournament with Iran missing in action or any team in general that has already been announced to appear at the World Cup 2022 livestream.

Due to FIFA’s suspension of Russian teams following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russia will not be able to participate in the World Cup qualifying playoffs in March. Because of concerns for the safety and fairness of the tournament, FIFA canceled Russia’s match against Poland.

Suspension is more likely

Iranian protesters

This month, Iranian fan groups have asked FIFA to sanction the national team due to the government’s harsh response to protests for women’s rights on the streets and the country’s longstanding policy prohibiting women from voluntarily participating in soccer games and other sports events. FIFA has refused to do so.

When a country’s government is deemed to have interfered with the independent administration of the national football association, FIFA often suspends the national team.

With Qatar as the host, five countries from the Asian confederation (including the UAE) qualified for the WorldCup22. The United Arab Emirates lost a regional playoff to Australia in June, which prevented them from advancing to the continental finals.

How team replacements work at the World Cup

Ukraine earned a berth in the World Cup by defeating Scotland 3-1 in Glasgow before losing to Wales 1-0 in the deciding playoff match in Cardiff this past June. The World Cup regulations allow FIFA to substitute a different country in the event of a withdrawal, but they do not specify the requirements that must be met in order for this to happen.

Ukraine one win away from World Cup

Palkin said that replacing Iran with Ukraine was both historically and athletically justifiable, and he called on everyone to help put the squeeze on the football bureaucracy.

Palkin has often questioned FIFA’s actions since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February. Palkin has recently criticized FIFA for allowing foreign players to quit Ukrainian teams without wages as a means of escaping the conflict.

Final thoughts

Shakhtar lost tens of millions of euros when practically all of the club’s foreign players left, despite having relied for years on an infusion of Brazilian players. Neither the Ukrainian football authorities nor the country’s political leadership responded immediately to Palkin’s call.Whether you’re in favor of Palkin or on Iran’s side, the World Cup is set to bring more tension as soon as it kicks off in the coming weeks. Make sure that you check for the best World Cup bet offers at your favorite sportsbooks and start showing your support for your favorite teams!