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Qatar’s Full List of Stadium for World Cup 2022


The FIFA World Cup will be hosted in Qatar this year, and after years of meticulous preparation, the infrastructures needed for the event are nearing their full completion.

The current edition is the highly anticipated sporting event this year and what makes this edition special is because it is the first time it will take place in a Middle-Eastern nation and the second time it will be hosted in Asia. 

The eight stadiums have been thoroughly constructed since the event’s announcement, let’s take a look at these stadiums and what makes them special.

Al Thumama Stadium

The Al Thumama Stadium is very unique in a sense that the design for this stadium was inspired by the intricate patterns on a Ghafiya, the traditional headdress of Muslim men in Arab nations.

The arena was known for its sustainability because it was equipped with green areas, and it uses recycled water to water its plants.

Al Janoub Stadium

Constructed by Zaha Hadid Architects back in 2013, it was built in one of the oldest areas in Doha which is known for its heritage sites. The design itself was inspired by the dhow boats and the pearl-diving culture of this area.

Al Bayt Stadium

This stadium has a total seating capacity of 60,000 and it is intended to be used in the opening games of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The structure has a design similar to nomadic tents, highlighting the rich past of Qatar. This one will definitely show the tradition and history of the host country.

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Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

The arena has a capacity of 40,000 seats and it debuted in the finals of the Amir Cup. The stadium highlights the symbols of the Qatari tradition and the patterns involved symbolizes the various elements of the nation like the essences of a family, the elegance of the desert, and the trading culture.

Education City Stadium

Located in Education City, it was encompassed with academic structures and buildings for sports organizations. The stadium features an exterior with angular patterns that seemed to change its color during the daytime.

Stadium 974

The Stadium 974 is one of the highly modern facilities in this list. The stadium itself features an avant garde design and it is considered as the most innovative. The number in the stadium’s name is essential as it is the official international dialing code of the nation. 

The shipping containers that are being used in the stadium are set to be dismantled after the games and will be recycled into other purposes that are set to help the community.

Khalifa International Stadium

This is the oldest stadium on this list, having been constructed in 1976. It has sought many international tournaments such as the AFC Asian Cup, the Arabian Gulf Cup and the Asian Games. 

The stadium was renovated to incorporate cooling technology and added a canopy that protects the fans from extreme weather. It also has a 40,000 seating capacity, and features restaurants, lounges, and several rooms. 

Lusail Stadium

This stadium is considered as the largest in size in all of the mentioned structures on this list with a capacity of 80,000. It was built in the futuristic city of Lusail that was constructed for the World Cup. The stadium was set to be the venue for the final match of the World Cup 2022.

Inspired by Islamic symbols, the stadium will be recycled into a community hub complete with restaurants, clinics and schools after the games.

Final Words

We now learned that Qatar are well-prepared for their hosting duties for this year’s sporting event. However, we will see at the end of this year if the preparations of Qatar are worth it.