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Qatar World Cup: Alcoholic Beer Now Allowed to be Served During Matches


During this year’s FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, supporters can finally raise a glass to toast the triumphs and goals of their favorite teams. Qatar, a predominantly Muslim country, has opted to relax its alcohol ban in time for the event. However, alcohol sales will be restricted as usual during the main event.

World Cup fans, raise a drink!

Just 11 weeks before the opening game, the beer policy that would affect most fans was unveiled, making good on a long-held hope dating back to Qatar’s quest, 19 years ago, to become the first-ever Middle East nation to host the World Cup.


Beer will reportedly be available for purchase at the tournament at least 3 hours prior to kickoff and for one hour following the final whistle, but only to ticketed fans. Of course, if you’re someone who chose to skip this World Cup’s live event by tuning in on the World Cup 2022 free livestream instead, you can enjoy as much beer as you want.

Inside the Qatar stadiums, alcohol will not be given to spectators, however, beer will only be offered within the ticketed boundary. While alcohol is not outright forbidden in Qatar, non-Muslims are now the only citizens who are legally allowed to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is outlawed for Qatari Muslims save in a small number of bars and restaurants in the country.

As the first Muslim country to host the FIFA World Cup, Qatar will confront significant problems in providing alcohol to visiting fans from around the world. One of the key sponsors of this year’s World Cup in Qatar is the alcoholic beverage company Budweiser, which also has the exclusive authority to distribute beer at the event.

What beer will be up for sale?

The stadium’s periphery will sell alcoholic Budweiser before kickoff and after the final whistle, while the stadium bowl will sell non-alcoholic Budweiser (Budweiser Zero). FIFA also announced that beginning at 6:30 PM, Budweiser will be sold at the FIFA Fan Festival.

budweiser beer

After the 2011 signing that selected Qatar as the host country, Budweiser’s parent company, AB InBev, extended its exclusive World Cup beer brewing agreement with FIFA through 2022.

There will be alcohol for sale in the Doha FIFA fan zone as well as outside the stadiums’ ticketing areas. The festival is 29 days long, and alcohol will reportedly be sold in the fan zone until 1 AM (starting 6:30 PM) each day.

Brazil, which hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup, was the first host country to adopt a special bill to allow the sale of beer in stadiums during the tournament. When thousands of football fans descend on Qatar for the World Cup, the country’s tight laws on alcohol consumption will be put to the test.

An exciting World Cup for fans!

Qatar has a wider selection of licensed restaurants and bars selling alcoholic beverages than other Middle Eastern countries. Consumption in other countries is prohibited. However, Qatar has to loosen its alcohol control for the 29-day competition beginning on November 20.

Over a million people, along with fans from 31 different countries, are anticipated to attend. In 2019, Qatar hosted the Club World Cup, which featured European champion Liverpool, South American champion Flamengo, and Mexican club Monterrey as test subjects for its alcohol restrictions.

There were five bids for the WorldCup22, and Qatar beat out four competitors, including the United States, despite the fact that all of them were required to abide by FIFA’s agreements with commercial sponsors.

World Cup deals included MATCH Hospitality providing business packages and AB InBev at the time of the 2010 FIFA hosting vote. They both renewed their contracts with FIFA the following year.

As Jaime Byron, executive chairman of MATCH Hospitality, pointed out in a recent interview, the goal of the FIFA World Cup bid process is to provide the kind of World Cup experience that fans all around the world can look forward to and enjoy.

Qatar World Cup

Final Thoughts

Now that alcoholic drinks are finally permissible, all there’s left to do is to elevate the excitement even further by placing your bets on your favorite teams! The latest World Cup betting odds 2022 are out and plenty of online sports betting websites are offering tips and even promos, as well as bonuses that would knock your socks off!