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Post-match: Japan v Costa Rica, Belgium v Morocco, Croatia v Canada, Spain v Germany

Bet Recommendations: Japan v Costa Rica, Belgium v Morocco, Croatia v Canada, Spain v Germany

We don’t want to let you miss the sporting tension and drama of the WorldCup22 so here are the highlights, and analyses of the clashes!

The rundown: Japan vs Costa Rica

Costa Rica set the pitch on fire again with their heart-pounding 1-0 victory over Japan at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium. Keysher Fuller scored a goal in the thrilling final 10 minutes of the game that guaranteed win for the South American team. The Los Ticos made sure that they solidified their defensive form in their second appearance in the quadrennial event.

Following their spiraling opening match against Spain who are more than ready to take them down with a 7-0 final score. The First XI of coach Luis Fernando did not waste any second to redeem themselves by flaunting their new strategies in their second match.

Costa Rica manipulated the game by exploiting the lack of readiness of Japan whe Keysher Fuller wrapped a shot over Shuichi Gonda as the squad made their first goal in the competition. Japan may be confident at first after their victory over Spain during the last match but they eventually succumb to the clutches of Costa Rica.

The quick redemption of Costa Rica is utterly inspiring as they were the epitome of the saying that you are formidable when you are at your most vulnerable. To complete the experience, you don’t want to miss their next match in the World Cup 2022 livestream.

Player of the game: Keysher Fuller

Out of all the men in Costa Rica’s roster, Fuller’s star shone the brightest when he led the team to their first victory of this World Cup edition. The midfielder gave Los Ticos their first goal for the competition, and it’s not just any goal, it is a winning goal! 

At first Japan seemed to be on the lead with Kamada attacked in the forefront with the ball straight shot to the net of Costa Rica. However, it was Guller’s surprising attack that assured them their first triumph.

Japan v Costa Rica final score

Costa Rica011

The rundown: Belgium vs Morocco

Roman Saiss broke the stalemate between Belgium and Morocco when he produced a smart free-kick, shocking Thibaut Courtois in his position. Meanwhile, Zakaria Aboukhlal sealed the surprising victory of Morocco in the second stoppage time to put the squad on the pedestal of Group F.

At first, Belgium marched on the pitch knowing that their team is composed of an incredible lineup that led them to a 1-0 win in the opening match against Canada. It seemed that Belgium is no more than a shell from their former self, considering they finished in third place in the 2018 edition and became the top national team in the FIFA world rankings.

Eventually, Aboukhlal received the ball from Hakim Ziyech and guaranteed a time-stopping win over Belgium in the second-half stoppage time. 

Player of the game: Zakaria Aboukhlal 

Belgium was pretty desperate to crawl their way back to the stratosphere of the FIFA World Cup again. However, Morocco’s Zakaria Aboukhlal shot down their hopes and drained them to the pipe when he scored a final goal for the North African team.

Ziyech’s assistance furtherly propelled Aboukhlal’s shot towards Thibaut Courtois’s post. Abdelhamid Sabiri’s goal also cemented the victory of Morocco over Belgium’s side despite picking a late yellow card when he disrupted Vertonghen during the second half of the match.

Belgium v Morocco final score


The rundown: Croatia vs. Canada

Croatia took the lead in Group F when they beat Canada with a stunning score of 4-1. The victory happened thanks to the machinations of Andrej Kramaric who scored two goals for the Checkered Ones.

The match set the first clash between the two nations but it wasn’t the first time Croatia had met a CONCACAF team. The side clashed with Jamaica in 1998 and they have met with Mexico on two occasions in 2002 and 2014 respectively.


During the match, Alphonso Davies scored Canada’s first ever goal at the World Cup in their fifth appearance for the competition. The historic goal was assisted by Tajon Buchanan when he brushed against Lovren and Juranovic in the penalty area and passed the ball to Davies who finally shot it to Croatia’s net.

Despite Canada appearing to be leading the match, their hopes were crushed just 120 seconds after they stepped in on the pitch. Croatia laid down all their cards right from the get-go and eventually grasped their opportunity to win that eventually placed them as the front-runner of Group F. For their next adventure, you can check our page for the full World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time.

Player of the game: Andrej Kramaric

Despite Mateo Kovacic having a perfect game for Croatia, the crown still goes to Andrej Kramaric. During the 70th minute, the pitch became Kramaric’s playpen as he ignited the match in Croatia’s favor. 

Kramaric has all the time at his leisure to shoot in the penalty area as Kamal Miller just completely failed to stop him. The talented forward diced in on his side and shot perfectly towards the flank. 

Croatia v Canada final score


The rundown: Spain vs. Germany

Niclas Fullkrug gave Germany another day at the World Cup when an 83rd-minute equalizer produced a 1-1 draw in their meeting against Spain at the Al Bayt Stadium. 

Panaish striker Alvaro Morata emerged from the sidelines and put Spain in the lead during the middle of the second half just before Fullkrug canceled out the game to give Germany an upper hand following their harrowing defeat from Japan during an earlier match.

Coach Hansi Flick did everything that he could to alter the strategy to provide Germany a strong gameplay against the equally matched Spanish side. Germany continues to sink into the bottom of Group E and if it wasn’t the defeat of Japan to Costa Rica would have caused the 2014 World Cup champions to say adieu to the competition.

Both Spain and Germany were World Cup heavyweights and their placement with Costa Rica and Japan is opportune to produce an exciting death match to be the top team in what seems to be the “Group of Death.”

Player of the game: Alvaro Morata

It’s been a little too late for Alvaro Morata to change the qualms of the people about him. At present, he is one of the darlings of Atletico Madrid, the third club that provided him with a second chance. Still, he is a formidable striker in both his club and national side. Being one of the best players on the table supports him with World Cup betting odds 2022.

The Spanish wonder kid produced one of his most memorable performances during the match. Morata is the only dyed-in-the-wool striker in Luis Enrique’s Spanish side. This is an indicator that the striker is a staple within the team. He could play a huge momentous role in the next few weeks of the Qatar World Cup. 

Spain v Germany final score


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