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Is the FIFA World Cup the Best Football Tournament for First-Time Punters?


There is a multitude of sports tournaments that are existing in the industry with each sports discipline thriving to create an event to include more player engagement from various backgrounds. 

However, nothing can compare to the importance of the FIFA World Cup to the sports community as well as to other industries such as sports betting. Hence, we decided to provide you with reasons why the World Cup is the perfect tournament for newbie punters.

The World Cup surpassed the prestige of other sporting events

Holding a world record of 30 billion fans, the FIFA World Cup is highly regarded as the most prestigious sporting event in the world. Hence, the event is like a moth’s lamp for several sportsbooks and sports bettors.


fans watching the World Cup

Due to the humongous popularity of the event, the industry of sports betting has its eyes affixed to the international event despite occurring only once every four years. When an annual sporting calendar has a World Cup on it, it is expected that other major events like La Liga and Formula One will be overshadowed by the popularity of the event.

Because of the sheer familiarity of the bettors with the event, it would be easy for new bettors to place their bets. 

It is the perfect event for football bettors 

Hands down, football is the most highly esteemed sport in the world and footballers can almost rival the popularity of Hollywood celebrities. The FIFA worldcup22 is the most ideal event for football punters and sports bettors in general. 

World Cup football players

The biggest bulk of sports bettors are fans of football, hence; the event is the perfect opportunity for new bettors to showcase their betting skills. If you are a newbie bettor who is already a football aficionado, make sure that you take advantage of this event to boost your odds of winning.

Sportsbooks are offering juicy promotions

Because of the rarity of the World Cup, every time the event was on or is about to happen, sportsbooks are competing to provide the most lucrative promotions possible to entice new bettors. 

Make sure that you take advantage of the betting promotions being offered on most sportsbooks regarding the FIFA World Cup. 

One of the most attractive World Cup promotions out there is Solarbet’s FIFA World Cup Fever! Ultimate Fan Reward! One of the perks of the promotion is that you can win up to SGD 100 when you bet on each stage of the 2022 World Cup. Take advantage of the promo now and win rewards.


High-quality betting odds will be available

Due to the in-demand status of the FIFA World Cup event, sports bettors are clamoring to find the best betting odds possible to bet on the event. Fortunately, most sportsbooks are offering betting odds related to the World Cup. 


While the competition will be tighter among bettors to place their bets on the most profitable odds in the market, it is guaranteed that sportsbooks will never run out of lucrative odds to offer to their punters.

If you wish to gain an edge in your World Cup betting, you need to look for the most appealing odds possible. We highly suggest that aside from finding the best match to bet on, you can also back up your betting with a related World Cup promotion. By doing so, we guarantee that you will get a lucrative payout.


The FIFA World Cup is a highly-anticipated sporting event that encompasses all of the football confederations of the world. Due to the immense popularity and wealth of the tournament, it is considered as the apple of the eye of a lot of sportsbooks like Solarbet.

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