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Hazard: Belgium Needs to Win the World Cup Justify Their “Golden Generation” Moniker

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In an effort to bring home the nation’s first big trophy, Belgium captain Eden Hazard stated that his team has to come out on top at the World Cup in Qatar in order to live up to the “golden generation” moniker they have held for the previous ten years.

Living up to their name

The team includes players from some of the top teams in Europe, including Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois, and Kevin De Bruyne. The Red Devils have finished first in the FIFA rankings for five of the last seven years, although they have frequently struggled to create an effect in competitions.

Both the previous two European Championships and the 2014 World Cup saw them ousted in the quarterfinal round. In Russia 2018, Belgium made it all the way to the semi-finals before losing to France. Hazard thinks the goal in the Qatar WorldCup22 is to win it all.

Eden Hazard

The 31-year-old Real Madrid striker will compete in his third World Cup as Belgium’s captain, looking to improve on their third-place finish in World Cup Russia 2018.

Hazard stated in an interview that he must raise the benchmark high and strive to surpass what Russia accomplished in 2018. He also said that they owed it to themselves to maintain high aspirations because they had the good fortune to have him as their captain.

How the “Golden Generation” was built

Many other things have been attributed to Belgium’s resurgence as a true force in the football world, including luck alone, timing coincidences, and immigration, to mention only three. However, there is someone who provides a different, incredibly important explanation.

In the 1980s, Sablon was present to see Belgium’s first burst of genius. He was a member of the national team coaching crew when Enzo Scifo and Jan Ceulemans led Belgium to the 1986 World Cup semifinals before falling to eventual champions Argentina.

Michel Sablon

They failed to go past the group stage at both the co-hosted 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000, but they did so for the 2022 World Cup when they eventually made it to the round of 16. The most talented kids were gathered to get training in government-funded training facilities.

The greatest players from Belgium have been moving to top leagues at the same time as their country’s climb to prominence. Since then, the squad has possessed attacking prowess from players like Adnan Januzaj, Romelu Lukaku, and Eden Hazard.

There’s no other way but to win it

A generation of elite athletes, including Hazard, goalkeeper Courtois, and De Bruyne, who play for some of the greatest teams in Europe, have inspired optimism among a nation of roughly 12 million fans who are on a constant lookout for the best World Cup bet offers they could get that they will finally win a major prize.

Belgium World Cup team

It’s true, as Hazard noted, that the term “golden generation” is frequently used. They have already been together for more than ten years, and fresh, youthful players are beginning to emerge. They still haven’t won anything despite having these fresh abilities and an unquestionably exceptional group of players.

Hazard claimed that if they are to be considered part of the “Golden Generation,” then they must first win the World Cup. Despite the World Cup Betting odds 2022 dictating that their team is far from everyone’s favorite, Hazard is still optimistic.

Final thoughts

Hazard is very certain, though, that their combined expertise will enable them to fulfill this task, just as it did for them in earlier competitions. He is really optimistic that it will carry on in the same way for a while. That makes for an exciting action to witness at the World Cup 2022 livestream.

Eden Hazard

With 122 appearances for Belgium, Hazard is the fourth-most capped player in his nation, after only Toby Alderweireld, Axel Witsel, and Jan Vertonghen. The Real Madrid forward hopes to top his three goals in six games for Belgium at the most recent World Cup in Qatar.

On November 23, Belgium plays Canada to open its campaign. Four days later, they play Morocco, and then on December 1, they play Croatia. You can check the full schedule on our world cup 2022 fixtures singapore time dedicated page.