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Football Fans Across the Globe Shows Support for Ukraine


While the world is condemning Russia for its unreasonable war, there is also a shower of support for Ukraine from across the globe. One of the industries that participated in the solidarity for Ukraine is the world of sports, particularly the stellar industry of football.

Following the outbreak of the war, several clubs and football betting fans have shown their support for the Ukrainian people in a variety of gestures. 

Football World Showed Solidarity for Ukraine

In the finals of the Carabao Cup, both Chelsea and Liverpool demonstrated their support for the citizens of Ukraine, while other clubs have also shown their support for the European country.

Chelsea came back to Wembley following their Russian boss Roman Abramovich announced that they will be donating to the charities that are ensuring the safety of Ukrainian refugees. Abramovich stated his decision even though his country is invading Ukraine. The Russian owner also said that there is a lot of support for Ukraine from both sides at Wembley Stadium.

In one match, Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson and Chelsea captain Cezar Azpilicueta, both brought flower wreaths that are adorned in blue and yellow colors when they entered the stadium. The colors blue and yellow symbolize the colors in the flag of Ukraine.

In the match between Liverpool and Chelsea, the giant screen showed the texts Football Stands Together against a blue and yellow background while the fans from the whole stadium were applauding.

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Overwhelming Support to Ukrainian Players

Following the victory of West Ham against Wolverhampton in the Premier League with 1-0, they demonstrated their support for Ukrainian player Andriy Yarmolenko. 

They have provided the winger a time to rest following the ongoing invasion of Russia to his home country, and Yarmolenko said that he was grateful for the overwhelming support from his club and the football fans.

West Ham midfielder Declan Rice carries his teammate’s tshirt while the rest of the players are running and wearing shirts with Yarmolenko’s name and number on the back in one match. 

“It is essential for me and my teammates, the club and the fans to show their solidarity for Yarmo. We saw him sink in shock when he saw the news about the war on the training ground,”said Rice.

“His loved ones are still in Ukraine, so we know that he is going through an excruciating time. However, he still showed us his support in our group message, saying ‘good luck to us’. On behalf of our club, we would like to say that we love him and we are there for him and his country,” he added.

On February 26, the members of the Ukrainian national team Vitaliy Mykolenko from Everton and Oleksandr Zinchenko from Manchester City, shared an emotional embrace before the match between their clubs at Goodison Park began.

Other Clubs Supporting Ukraine

Before the beginning of the match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayern Munich, the players stood up together to condemn the war and showed their support for Ukraine. As the athletes are lining up, the screens around the stadium have shown the words “Stop it, Putin!” Meanwhile, the supporters of both clubs are standing while each is waving a small Ukrainian flag to show their hope for peace. 

On February 24, before the start of the UEFA Europa League in the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, the players from both teams SSC Napoli and FC Barcelona marched together to show their unity against the ongoing war in Europe. The teams also showed their support for Ukraine and its people.

Final Words

Following the change of the venue of the Champions League finals and some matches in the World Cup 2022, FIFA and UEFA are coordinating with the president of France to ensure that the athletes from Ukraine and their families will be transported safely out of the country. 

The support for Ukraine is an indicator that even in the sport where representatives from each country compete for championship, everyone can also unite to support one country under a crisis.