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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Volunteer Program Now Accepting Applications

fifa world cup qatar 2022

Being a spectator at a World Cup event is already a fulfilling experience, however, for some individuals, helping to make the event successful and safe is a rather much more amazing experience. This is why the volunteers of the World Cup are an essential part of the sporting event.

Aside from ensuring the safety and providing support to keep the operation of the event smooth, being a volunteer in the World Cup can also create a once in a lifetime experience and lasting memories to be a part of a huge sporting event. You can also place your bet in a casino online for a full experience.

Duties of the Volunteers

Recently, FIFA launched the volunteer program for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. Interested applicants can now send their applications on their official website. 

At least 20,000 volunteers will be assigned to man the forty-five functional areas of the private and public facilities including stadiums, the airport, hotels, training camps, fan zones, and public transportation sites. 

Those who are qualified will be delegated to operate in events such as audience services, catering, hospitality, promotion, transportation, security and other areas. As a disclaimer, the volunteer program doesn’t provide monetary compensation to the selected volunteers.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will be held from November 21 to December 18, however, some volunteer jobs will be needed as early as October 1. 

Requirements for Candidates

According to their official site, applicants must be 18 years old and above to be qualified to be a volunteer. It is also a requirement that applicants must be fluent in English, a proficiency in Arabic language is also an advantage but not required. 

Candidates who are from different ethnicities, different regions of the world and who don’t have any volunteering experience are also encouraged to apply.

The selection process is also crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the event. Candidates will be assessed based on their abilities in communication, cooperation, leadership and language. 

In the selection process, candidates will undergo in some stages of the assessment such as interviews, skills and language tests. Candidates who have passed the assessments will be selected to participate in the volunteering program and will undergo training. 

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Benefits for the Volunteers

Selected candidates will be provided with a limited-edition Adidas uniform, a free access to public transport around the city, and they will also be given a free meal during their shift. Also, selected volunteers will be able to watch the matches without having to pay for tickets and look for football odds.

According to Fatema Hassan Almajed, a law office staff, who also volunteered in the FIFA 2021 Arab Cup, she loved volunteering since she was a kid. 

“When FIFA announced that Qatar will be the next host country of the World Cup, the idea to apply for a volunteer program came to my mind. I believe that it would be such an honor and a wonderful experience to be a part of a major sporting event that will be held for the first time in the Gulf and the Arab world. As a citizen of Qatar, I would be proud to provide my service to the event and to meet new people,” she said.

Final Words

The official launch of the greatest volunteering program in the history of Qatar will include a live concert tonight at the Katara Amphitheater. Several football stars and celebrities will be attending the event for potential candidates who will apply for the volunteer program. The live event will be streamed in real time on the official YouTube channel of FIFA. 

If you are a service oriented individual who also has an affinity with sports betting, it is your chance to participate in the event. For interested applicants, you can fill up a registration form on their official site.