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Bet Recommendations: Croatia v Belgium, Canada v Morocco, Japan v Spain, & Costa Rica v Germany

Croatia v Belgium, Canada v Morocco, Japan v Spain, & Costa Rica v Germany

We’re almost at the end of the FIFA World Cup Group Stage! Here is your daily dose of WorldCup22 betting tips, recommendations, and predictions!



One has to believe Belgium will strike a goal against Croatia despite the fact that Kevin De Bruyne hasn’t been at his best and Romelu Lukaku could only play the final 10 minutes off the bench against Morocco due to an injury.

The team’s pure talent in attack and midfield, the chemistry of this unit, and the need to score quickly mean that the possibilities are practically limitless.

Taking such a proactive stance, however, will leave them vulnerable to attacks from behind. Croatia should be able to take advantage of Belgium’s pressing numbers forward, score, and make Belgium’s route to progression more difficult because of the control and range of their midfield 3 and the absence of speed from Belgium’s high defensive line.


There isn’t any more time to play it safe and see how things shake out on the group stage. Since they have a poorer goal difference than Croatia and Morocco, who are both a point ahead of Belgium, the Red Devils can’t afford to play for a tie if they want to advance. Don’t miss the remainder of the Group Stage matches, as well as the upcoming Round of 16 with our World Cup 2022 fixtures Singapore time page.

From the opening whistle, Belgium must push forward in pursuit of a win and three points. Under Roberto Martinez, the Belgium national soccer team has shown consistent goal-scoring ability. It was only Belgium’s 3rd scoreless performance in a meaningful fixture under Martinez’s leadership since August 2016.

Despite their dismal performance, Belgium still managed to generate a respectable amount of offense against Morocco, resulting in 1.0 anticipated goals on 3 shots on goal and 20 shot attempts.


Despite the setback, Canada was among the most impressive teams in the first game of the group round. The young and inexperienced World Cup underdogs played like a top-tier modern team by pressing Belgium high, attacking from the half-spaces, and going for the heights.

There were still glimpses of naivete, such as when Belgium broke Canada’s press and blasted forward through an open midfield. Those seeds bore fruit against Croatia, as the runner-up from 2018 dispatched Canada with ruthless efficiency.

It was believed that Canada wouldn’t be able to compete with Croatia’s world-class midfield trio, and things couldn’t have turned out worse for the Canadians in this regard.


Like Canada, the Atlas Lions are a young, energized nation that, despite its relatively low international profile, does a good job of fostering the tremendous natural talent it possesses across its vast landscapes.

Morocco’s shocking victory over Belgium on the group’s penultimate matchday completely reversed the group’s standings. While Morocco’s 2-0 victory over Belgium wasn’t as remarkable as Canada’s showing against the World Cup betting odds 2022 group favorites, it was reminiscent of Canada’s effort. In other words, that’s the world we’re playing in right now.


Japan demonstrated its potential as a threat by defeating Germany 2-1; nevertheless, the team’s lapse in concentration resulted in a 1-0 loss to Costa Rica. This group is still in an excellent position for promotion, but they can’t afford another embarrassing misstep like the last one.

In the first game, Japan faced Germany and lost by a score of 1-0 due to a penalty kick at the 33-minute mark. However, Japan completely dominated the 2nd half of the initial game. After Ritsu Doan scored in the 75th minute and Takuma Asano scored the game-winning goal in the 83rd, fans in Osaka, Tokyo, and everywhere in between celebrated with street parties.

Those optimistic views were quickly dispelled by Costa Rica, but Spain is now widely expected to win a crucial encounter. Japan might employ its star players, especially those who are paid to play in Germany’s leagues, to keep the game tight.


Alvaro Morato leads Spain into the encounter with two goals and three points from two games, while Ferran Torres has also contributed two goals and two assists. Dani Olmo has contributed to Spain’s offensive success by scoring twice and setting up another goal in their first two games.

Spain won’t be able to coast into the last group stage game despite their massive goal differential, as Costa Rica, Japan, and Germany all have a chance to advance. There is a remote but real danger that Spain might move from leading the group to being eliminated with a bad enough loss.

Spain is one of the richest teams in the event since they can rely on contributions from a wide variety of individuals. As may have been predicted, Germany presented a significantly tougher challenge for Spain. Spain only managed 3 shots on goal as the team as a whole was outshot 12-7. They again prevailed in terms of possession, but they were unable to score more than a 1-1 tie.

Costa Rica

Luis Fernando Suarez’s side are unlikely to deviate from their successful defensive strategy from their previous matchup because a tie could be sufficient for Costa Rica if Spain beats Japan in the other Group E matchup. However, due to Francisco Calvo’s suspension, certain changes will be made in the secondary.

Keysher Fuller scored the game-winner for Costa Rica on Sunday with the team’s lone attempt on goal, but that strategy doesn’t appear to be sustainable against the Germans. Keep in mind that Japan’s manager Hajime Moriyasu made 5 changes to the lineup that beat Germany, which helped Los Ticos resist the attack.


Flick’s substitutes swung the game in Germany’s favor, with Fullkrug providing a more conventional No. 9 and Leroy Sane injecting some much-needed creativity from the wings. The spotlight will be raised on both on Thursday. Particularly, Fullkrug has demonstrated why he should replace veteran Thomas Muller in the starting lineup.

Germany appear to be clicking at the right time with greater energy and a more aggressive way, putting Costa Rica in a precarious position. At our upcoming World Cup 2022 livestream, we should expect a calm, clinical performance because the Germans, having just won against Spain, looked relieved and confident after the final whistle.


In comparison to Belgium, who struggled for 90 minutes against Canada and was then blown out by Morocco, Croatia has performed admirably. Many, though, are reluctant to wager against the Belgian squad that has risen to the pinnacle of international success and spent the greater chunk of a decade working together to finally overcome adversity.

Like at practically every other juncture in their history, Canada might find strength in a major setback. A Canada squad with more freedom to attack and play with abandon might benefit greatly from the country’s abundance of attacking talent and exceptional physicality.

Spain will be on the verge of desperation, so it can’t afford to sit back and try to steal a dull draw. The offense is something these squads need and I think we’ll get it. Japan has more to gain and is willing to take risks. Despite a number of boring draws and a lack of enthusiasm at this World Cup, we could expect that there will be at least 3 goals scored and Spain will win by a score of 2-1.

On paper, Thursday’s match should play out as expected, with Germany dominating possession and Costa Rica packing the box. Unless Germany scores early, this might turn into a back-and-forth affair between the two teams’ best defensive units, with Los Ticos looking to stymie the attempts of their heavyweight opponents.

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