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5 Cool Things About Qatar – FIFA World Cup 2022

Fifa world cup 2022

This year’s FIFA World Cup will be held for the first time ever in the Middle East with Qatar serving as the host country for the historic event. Qatar, the Middle East’s most famous country, will be preparing for a month-long celebration when the World Cup begins in 2022.

The next World Cup in Qatar has a lot to offer. To help you prepare for this year’s World Cup, we’ve rounded up a list of five important (and cool) facts and information you should know about the tournament.

Qatar World Cup will be the First-Ever Winter World Cup in the Northern Hemisphere

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar has an interesting tidbit to share. For the first time, a Winter World Cup will be held in the Northern Hemisphere in 2022. The World Cup has traditionally been held in the Southern Hemisphere during the summer months when the region is least likely to face the effects of winter.

In Qatar, meanwhile, things get a little more complicated. The  small country in the Middle East is plagued by oppressive heat that can reach temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Organizing a World Cup in these conditions is nearly impossible.

As a result, the World Cup has been relocated from its traditional summer slot to the winter months in order to deal with the weather in Qatar. It will be the first time a winter world cup has been held in the Northern Hemisphere because of this.

Beating the Hot Temperature with Air-Conditioned Stadiums

The distressingly high daytime temperatures in Qatar, the host country for FIFA 2022, should not be overlooked while assessing the country.

Considering that temperatures in the summer can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius, it was almost impossible to stage the World Cup 2022 here.

The daytime temperatures in the winter can be high enough, as far as winters are concerned. As a result, Qatar has devised a solution to this problem. The country will organize the FIFA World Cup for the very first time in stadiums with full air conditioning.

To sustain a healthy and comfortable viewing experience for fans and to let the players go on the pitch, all 8 venues will be air-conditioned.

world cup

The Qatar World Cup will see the Fewest Number of Stadiums in Recent Years

There are a lot of venues in Qatar for the 2017 World Cup, which is a good thing to know about the tournament. The FIFA 2022 tournament in Qatar will be held in just eight stadiums, which is the smallest number of sites for a World Cup in recent memory.

Eight sites were selected for the event, however, only one of them is just being entirely remodeled, while the other seven are being built from scratch in their respective countries.

As a result, the Qatar World Cup will be staged in only eight arenas in Qatar, however, the majority of the matches will be held in the country.

The Qatar World Cup Logo Symbolizes Infinity and Harmony

Meant to signify infinity and harmony, and also the shape of a sand dune is the World Cup 2022 logo’s ribbon. Traditional Arabic motifs adorn the ribbon. Two and zero are visible in the logo, the numbers associated with the year of the tournament.

Colors from the Qatari flag and white Arab dress are used to depict it. Arabic lettering is used for Qatar 2022.

Alcohol Consumption isn’t Allowed in Stadiums, but…

Qatar is making every effort to ensure that FIFA 2022 will be a huge achievement, and the fan areas (or fan zones) are a major part of that effort. Alcohol availability in Qatar during the World Cup has been a hot topic for some time now, but that discussion has gradually died down.

Although alcohol isn’t allowed at the stadiums, Qatar has come up with an alternative that could work. At reduced pricing, alcoholic beverages will be served at fan zones across the country.For the FIFA World Cup 2022, this would be a completely new concept, and supporters would be able to watch the games live from the fan zones while also enjoying inexpensive booze.